BOSU Balance Trainer NexGen

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Omschrijving PFTCEVXS
Merk Bosu
Barcode 33149079361
Diameter 65 cm
Kleur Blue
Maximale belasting 160 kg

The 'Next Generation' BOSU Balance Trainer is divided into 4 quadrants, making it easier to determine the correct body position. The textured markings provide more grip for both the hands and feet.

The pattern ensures that the body can be precisely positioned and is an ideal tool during all your (core, agility, cardio, strength, balance and mobility) exercises and drills.

The texture of the surface improves the grip of hands and feet on the dome.

An improved design for new exercises and usage.

• Dome Push-Ups – Place hands on the wide markings perpendicular to your body, pressing the outside of your hands into the dome. Thanks to the wide marking, you place the hands the same every repetition, you can now easily make small adjustments on both sides and are easy to remember for subsequent workouts. With every plank or push-up variation you can use this precise hand placement.

• Jump Stick & Turn – Place your feet aligned on top of the dome, using the wide markings and the logo on top to position your feet exactly. Jump and land silently, making sure that the foot placement after landing is the same as that at take-off. Add a quarter turn on each jump, use the markers to land in the right spot.

• Single Leg Balance & Reflexive Training – The single leg balance exercise has been one of the most popular BOSU exercises since the beginning. The new design helps to position the feet exactly on different parts (center, slightly forward/back, slightly to the side). The marked quadrants can be used as a reference point when tapping or touching other body parts. For example, balance on one leg and tap each quadrant with the other foot, or balance on one leg, bend your knees and tap each quadrant with one or both hands.

• Lateral Over the Dome – Fast cardio/agility drills like this feel better on the new surface texture and emphasize correct foot placement. • Walk-Over Push-Ups – Place one hand on the dome and one on the floor. After the push-up, move the hands over the dome, using the wide pattern to place the hands evenly.

Available in blue with gray trim and a reinforced platform with a non-slip layer that leaves no stripes.

Diameter: 65 cm
Maximum user weight: 160 kg

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