Magento 2 Order API

SportDeal / SDeal Magento2 Order Sync Document


1. Download the extension form our website and follow the steps below for installation.

  • Save the extension in the app/code folder

  • Execute the below command

  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  • php bin/magento setup:di:compile

  • php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

  • Set the crontab of 45 minutes for php bin/magento sportdeal:apiconnection in hosted system.(Ex: */45 * * * * php /data/web/magento2/bin/magento sportdeal:apiconnection)  

  • If you have different attribute for EAN, please replace in code line number 144 of file Sportdeal\Apiconnection\Cron\OrderSync.php

  • Configure the extension

2. Follow the steps below for configure

   Login into Magento admin panel -> Navigate to store menu -> configuration -> Go to SDeal/SportDeal tab -> Api Connection

3. Supplier authentication process:

Supplier can create the authenticate token and can update/remove it

  1. Login to supplier account:

  2. Go to tab: API Menu and click into API

  3. You can create the API key here

4. You see the API Key and supplier ID after generating. You can create the API Key here

5. Order Grid:

After an order - we can see the order in our grid, with the Sdeal/SportDeal order ID